How We are Different  

Focus on You

We focus on helping you achieve the highest score you are capable of. This involves handling the prep course a little differently from others.

First, we cover all phases of exam prep from the start of the course until you sit for the exam and even after. We are interested in your success, not just in ours.

Second, we don't just give you a bunch of notes to read and lectures to listen to. We teach you how to study properly so you can efficiently learn the materials and maximize your performance for the exam.

Third, we don't insist that you limit yourself to using study materials made by us. In fact we recommend you use the best study materials available even if they are published by others.

Fourth, we emphasize content mastery of all the concepts tested in the USMLE. This involves actually studying, learning, memorizing and being able to recall those concepts and not just touching on the highest yield materials briefly.

Focus on Proper Study Methods

If you read the different forums, you will notice that everybody studies the same materials, e.g. lecture notes, books, online qbanks and does the NBME assessment tests. And yet the results have ranged from high 99's to actual failures.

The reason for this variation is two-fold. Native ability we were born with and thus out of our control. And study methods we use to read, learn, memorize and recall the medical concepts in those study material. This is where the potential for improvements lie, and this is where we focus strongly throughout the course.

In the past, we had difficulties getting people to change their study methodology to improve their scores. Therefore, it is very important that students be ready to accept changes in order for them to benefit from the course

Focus on the USMLE

I teach only one test, the USMLE. This means all my time, energy and effort are spent developing strategies unique to the USMLE rather than generic standardized exams. My student learns what makes USMLE the USMLE. It is an edge that "all-in-one" test prep companies cannot provide