Learn How to Prep

Why You Need to Learn How to Prep

For the purpose of the USMLE, what you cannot recall in a minute or so, you do not know. It is not enough for you to have read Kaplan, or FA or whatever, but you should be able to recall what you have read. If you cannot answer a question, it is because:

1. you don't know the concept, because you have not read it

2. you read the concept, but you did not understand it

3. you read and understood the concept, but cannot recall it in the exam

4. you read, understood and can recall the concept in the exam given enough time, but since this is the USMLE, you never have enough time

In all 4 cases, you don't get points as far as the USMLE is concerned.

Other reasons include,

1. you read it, understood it, can recall it in time, but the question is in clinical vignette format and you are poor in clinical vignettes

2. you read it, understood it, can recall it, but the question require more details than what you've actually read and understood, ie, it requires a higher level of mastery than you've prepped for.

3. you read it, you thought you understood it, but actually you didn't because you never tested your comprehension

In all these cases, you also don't get points as far as the USMLE is concerned.

Now you see, you could've studied and read all the right stuff, but still don't get points for them and wind up failing. So it's not enough to study all the right things, you need to study the right way to insure that you covered all 7 situations stated above for everything you've read and studied. Studying the right stuff covers only situation number one. For the other 6 situations you need to know how to prep properly

Study Methods You will Learn

These are some of the things you will learn

  1. How to Schedule Your Prep

  2. How to Maximize Retention and Recall

  3. How to Organize Information in Your Head so Answers are easier to Find

  4. How to Minimize the Effects of Distractors

  5. Speed Drilling to Help You Finish the Exam on Time

  6. and many more...