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Mastery of USMLE Content is the Way to Go

USMLE is one of the toughest examination in the world. Every year over 10,000 people who take the USMLE Step 1 fail it. The purpose of the USMLE is to test how MUCH you know about medicine. And yet it surprises me no end that how "good" prep programs or reviewers are based on how little one needs to learn to "pass" this exam. It seems the shorter the amount of materials presented for review, the higher the ratings for that reviewer. You would think that the USMLE is an exam that tries to test how LITTLE you know about Medicine.

I believe the increasing demand for toughness and thoroughness in coverage for the online Q Banks is a step in the right direction. But sadly this demand seems lacking in the case of general prep programs and reviewers. People prefer a course because it is only "5 to 6 weeks" long rather than longer ones. Reading through materials for all 7 subjects take longer than 5 to 6 weeks, let alone mastering them at the level demanded by the USMLE. Without mastery of the concepts tested, you will have problems answering the more difficult questions in the USMLE.

Although focus on high yield material, test-taking strategies and other shortcuts is part of the program, we go beyond that and make sure you have the necessary knowledge and confidence to answer tougher questions. Which is why aside from prep materials developed by us, we recommend you use as supplement other available prep materials that have proven invaluable in providing the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in this examination.

Course Materials

Course materials include study notes, outline notes, summary notes. Online resources include online quizzes, online flashcard review, weekly chat sessions and forum and pm support. Additional course materials are being developed constantly. Read more.