Tong,  Step 1 232/97

"Advisor: Askdoc
--Take all of his advice very seriously and save them. Consult them whenever in doubt.
--weekly chat session to consult Askdoc personally
--Askdoc's postings at blog and our course websites
--Frankly, all of them are extremely important! He is just great in both strategy and knowledge."

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PouyaK, Step 1 222/92

"I did everything Askdoc told me to do and his advices are Gold. Listen to them and do them because they are your ticket to high score and not FA alone."

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Marlene, Step 1 213/88

"As some of you know, I had to take Step 1 several times....very old IMG (1997).....Askdoc fell from the sky for me last August and he really helped me stay focused and to keep going. Although our prep course turned out to be very different from what I had expected, I am very glad that I stuck with it....Let me tell you: if I can, you most certainly can too..... I bet that I will remain the most difficult of Askdoc's cases for years to come... and I am not exaggerating :roll: !!!"

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Goat99, Step 1 219/91

"Looking back, registering in Mike (askdoc)'s course was the best decision I ever made during my exam prep. Without his guidance, encouragement, and solid advice on time management for the exam, I probably would not make it. Also, just knowing he is always there to help was a huge assurance. So, Mike, a big THANKS to you!"

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